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Environmental Principle

We kept the global environment in order to achieve symbiosis with the global environment
as a social responsibility and, for the future of the human and the animals and plants,
shall have considered the global environment by our all activity.


Business Activities

We have the sale of packaging material, the corrugated cardboard product and the planning,
the design of the machine, production sale as operation as a total planner of the packaging.


Basic Policy

We build environmental management system and perform the activity that we reduce load of
the environment, and considered consideration such as global warming, ozone layer depletion,
the prevention of the pollution by the industrial waste.


We endeavor to continuous improve in an important point with the following particulars.

1. We wrestle with energy saving , resource saving, industrial waste of reduction ,
  promotion of the recycling and endeavor to reduct of the environmental load.

2. We work at the development of the eco product which is a model product for environment,
  positive sale and the purchase of the green product.

3. We set an environmental purpose, an target and review environmental management system and
  perform continuous improvement and each employee improves consciousness for the environment
  and endeavor to prevent of the pollution.

4.The legal regulation that we can apply related to the environmental side and we perform
  the activity that obeyed the other requirements which we agreed to.

5. We document this environment policy, and publicize and show it to all employees and
  all people working for an organization.


January 10th, 2008 SHINWA Co.,Ltd  Representative director Tetsuji Wada