It contributes to all industries through "Wrap".
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           the president
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We have been contributing to society via our “packaging” business since 1950.

 We take pride in our company heritage of excellence when it comes to streamlining
production and efficiency by introducing solutions that cater to the needs of
the times, such as innovative packaging designs, distribution systems, and ecologically
friendly packaging machines

 Above all, we proudly believe that our packaging materials and equipment
for agricultural products boast excellent performance

 Our advanced technology and R&D of our machines developed for packaging and
sorting agricultural products and flower petals have earned us an impeccable
reputation in this area of the industry.

 To see concrete proof of what our company is capable of,
one needs to look no further than our many satisfied clients who utilize our systems
to efficiently gather and distribute their painstakingly grown produce while
maintaining superior freshness

                            President Tetsuji Wada