It contributes to all industries through "Wrap".
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 ・Greetings from
           the president
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 ・Environment line

A step of the more and more prosperity, we are pleased with people.
By the way, we greet establishment of a business 60 in 2010, and we performed
the review of the business like "choice and concentration"
we closed corrugated cardboard Division by the closedown of the Takatsuki factory,
a business transfer on March 31, 2008
And then this time we renewed a homepage of SHINWA Co., Ltd.

Through the packaging material and the sale of the packing machine which we are good at,
father does the suggestion of the labor saving machine which is kind to
the global environment and, in general industry / agriculture / ornamental flower,

Through our sale foothold all over the Japan(Hokkaido - Kyushu),
we aim at the company having the offer of the latest information quickly.
In a homepage of SHINWA Co., Ltd., have practical use,
And since we are going to make an effort for all,

thanking you in advance.

                                        Lucky day in October, 2009