It contributes to all industries through "Wrap".
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 ・Wrapping equipment
 ・Wrapping materials
 ・Distribution equipment
          and materials
 ・Packaging system
A product made in / box shrinker, a caser, a binder, packaging machine / appliance
related to packing such as various film packaging machine (length / wide pillow / supply bag),
belting machine, an belt bunching machine ,inner decoration packaging machine such as
covered binding machinebuffer material production machine, a sealing machine from decoration
packaging machinery and a palette stretch packer we will support every machine by total.
We cannot avoid packing / the packing work at a circulation stage before producing products,
and passing to the hand of the customer.
However, the packing forms should be different if distribution channels are different even
if it is the same merchandise.
We will cope to be able to contribute to reduction in cost for mind of 4R(Reduce / Reuse /
Recycle / Replace) not to mention suggesting eco-friendly packing material in these days
when in these days when an environmental problem is done a close-up of.
By all means, please contact to the staff of SHINWA good at a consulting service about
the most suitable packing.
When designing the most suitable packing of the products,
These are controlled with distribution machinery / the material of the distribution channel.
We which are a total planner of the packaging
We support machinery / the material of the distribution section.
We design the system which is most suitable for each end user and produce a series of lines
unit packing by the process of manufacture in every type of industry to accumulation /
boxing / sealing / safekeeping / shipment and will suggest it.
We will guide as below,
a measurement / several counting machine, various printing machines,
label printing pasting machine, various checkers, and the monitoring products
at the distribution stage, packaging / distribution related peripheral device / material. /
washing machine / the hand-dryer, that is the material such as a vaporization-related rust
prevention product, a cure product , the cold insulator.
(see the environmental supported product too.).