It contributes to all industries through "Wrap".
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 ・Wrapping equipment
 ・Wrapping materials
 ・Distribution equipment
           and materials
 ・Packaging system
We will introduce (available) machinery for packaging material which is kind to the global
environment and energy saving type machinery.
In the thing which risks load for the global environment, it will be garbage that is the most
It is obvious that it is packaging material after the use that a share is high in the garbage.
Not to mention suggesting eco-friendly packaging material in these days when
an environmental problem is done a close-up of,
we will contribute to reduction in cost for mind of 4R(Reduce / Reuse / Recycle / Replace).
It is based on each machinery / material by the adoption of eco-friendly material,
ergonomics and universal design
we will introduce these to achieve product line, 4R activity.
(a transportation cart / authority of box / a returnable container palette / machinery of
the prevention of collapse cargo)
We will introduce engineering made by a buffer material, washing machine, hygiene
management-related machinery (vacuum cleaner / dust collector / air shower / sole washing
waste disposal treatment machine, incinerator, environmental testing machine, environmental hygiene management-related material (a nonwoven fabric waste / oil liquid adsorbent
for each industries).