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The Grading Machine for a Chrysanthemum

Automatically adjustment of the length, and measurement.
It is very easy hand, more speedy, and ecology

・Correctly sorting with electronic balance.
・reduction in working hours
・In large quantities early shipment, increase productivity.
・Can sort it; spray chrysanthemum others cut flowers.
・It is easy to move a machine with caster.
・Maximum productive capacity 3,000 bundles /1hour.
The Banding Grading Machine for a Chrysanthemum

・Correctly sorting with electronic balance, and banding automatic by 10bundles.
・More correct working by a computer control system.
・Very Efficient, Maximum productive capacity 2,000 bundles 1hour.
・Good quality by correctly banding.
・Large reduction in working hours
・Structure is simple, so only watching and simple working.
A greenhouse automatic opening ,shutting device